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Cachaca Fuzue

Cachaca Fuzue Rum Review by the fat rum piratCachaca Fuzue. I recently attended the UK Cachaca Festivals in Manchester. At the event I discovered a number of Cachaca’s that I had previously never seen nor heard of. Despite being the national spirit of Brasil, Cachaca has struggle to gain interest outside of its home country.

Cachaca is a sugar can spirit but it refuses to accept itself as rum. Some literature even suggests Cachaca pre-dates rum production. In my opinion Cachaca is best viewed as a separate category in much the same way you may view Rhum Agricole. It perhaps has most in common with Rhum Agricole in that it is produced from Sugar Cane Juice rather than Molasses but the unique woods used to age the Cachaca’s produce a very different spirit. One which should be judged in its own right. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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