Wood’s 100 Old Navy Rum

Woods Navy Rum Review DemeraraYet another Demerara rum with a very British twist to it. Along with brands such as Lambs, OVD and Skipper us Brit’s certainly do seem to enjoy importing dark Guyanese rums and bottling them up for public consumption.

The rum comes in normal bar style bottle with a label which is old fashioned and in similar ilk to that of Skipper. The makers of these rum’s certainly don’t seem to be going for the younger sexy end of the market.

As with a lot of imported dark Demerara rums this is quite readily available in UK supermarkets. It was in one such establishment (Morrisons this time) that I purchased a bottle for £18.99. Yes you’ve guessed it once I again I was seduced by the £5 discount. At around the £25 mark for a 70cl bottle this is quite expensive when you consider you can get a litre of OVD for around the same price and a litre of Lambs for about £20. Even Skipper is available for around £20 for a 70cl. However, the label on the Wood’s bottle reveals you are in fact getting an overproof rum for your money. At 57% ABV this is quite potent stuff. Stronger even than Pussers 54.5% ABV. Its actually pretty cheap for an Overproof rum.

As mentioned already the rum is a thick dark almost treacly style of Demerara. It is a navy rum in the style of Lambs. However the extra potency gives the rum a bit more of a kick. The rum is still quite sweet and is very similar in taste to Skipper and Lambs. Its probably between the two in terms of sweetness. The extra alcohol does give it a little bitterness.

The rum is a very “English” style of Demerara. El Dorado or Banks it certainly isn’t. Nor is it (in my opinion) a substitute for Pussers. It has little in common with these rums other than demographic.

If you’re after a Lambs style navy rum with a bit extra oomph then Woods will fit the bill. However, if you are after a cheaper substitute for Pussers then I would look elsewhere (if you find one let me know!).

Enjoyable stuff at a reasonable price. However go easy as it is strong stuff! I personally would buy this over Lambs or Skipper. Definitely worth having a bottle kicking around and I would imagine this would go well in tiki cocktails such as a Zombie.

3 stars

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