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An Interview with Mark Reynier – Renegade Rum

An Interview with Mark Reynier Renegade Rum by the fat rum pirateBoth the names of Mark Reynier and Renegade Rum may already be familiar to many of you readers. Undoubtedly more famous in the Whisk(e)y world than in the world of Rum Mark Reynier, has built a reputation for being a bit of a maverick.

Best known for his stint as CEO of Bruichladdich. He resurrected the abandoned distillery and soon Bruichladdich was famous for its exotic (at the time) wine cask finished whiskies. Reynier himself was gaining a reputation as an innovator and spoke of “terroir” in whisky way before such things became trendy. He also succeeded in pissing off the Scotch Whisky Association along the way as well. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

An Interview with Alexander Kong (Worthy Park Estate, Jamaica)

Interview Worthy Park Rum ReviewOur latest interview is with Alexander Kong (pictured in the grey jacket, alongside Gordon Clarke Co-Managing Director) who is the Export Sales Manager for the recently resurrected Worthy Park Distillery.

As you will see from the answers in this interview, since their re-birth in 2005 Worthy Park are determined to do things the right way.  Their return to rum production after almost 50 years in the wilderness couldn’t have been more timely.  Authentic Caribbean rum is becoming more sought after and valued by both casual rum drinkers and in particular with more seasoned rum conisseurs and aficionados. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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