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Ron Cartavio Anejo

Ron Cartavio Anejo Rum Review by the fat rum pirateRon Cartavio Anejo. I picked this bottling from Peruvian rum producer Cartavio up in Mallorca. Hence the more “exotic” looking photo. This photo was definitely not taken in sunny Sunderland!

Ron Cartavio Anejo is the entry level aged rum in the Cartavio line up. This was quite an old dusty bottle and it set me back the princely sum of 10 Euros.  In the UK a bottle of this would set me back around £22-25 for a 70cl.  It is bottled at a fairly uninspiring 38% ABV. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Ron Cartavio XO 18 Anos

Ron Cartavio XO Rum Review by the fat rum pirateRon Cartavio XO is the top of the line for this Peruvian rum maker. It is now noted as being an 18 year old rum – it is no longer labelled as a Solera system rum. I reviewed their 12 “Year” Solera rum a while back and found it to be pretty average. Other than that my own experience of Peruvian rum has been with the frankly abominable Ron Millonario XO. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Ron Cartavio Solera 12 Years

Ron Cartavio Solera 12 Rum Review by the fat rum piratRon Cartavio Solera 12 Years, hails like Paddington Bear from Peru. Whether it is deepest darkest Peru I am not quite sure but its definitely Peru.  Alongside Ron Cartavio sits Ron Millonario as Peru’s other notable rum.

Both rums are exported outside of Latin America and both Cartavio and Millonario are regularly available here in the UK.  I make no apologies for the title of this review – that is how the rum is labelled by the producers.  That is how I arrive at my titles, in an attempt to make things as clear as possible.  From a personal viewpoint I don’t think Solera 12 Years is clear in terms of the true age of this product.  Being honest its a crock of shit. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Ron Millonario XO

Ron Millonario XO rum review by the fat rum pirateRon Millonario XO hails from deepest darkest Peru.  The brand Millonario has been around since 1950 but has only been available globally since 2004.

In 2004 Fabio Rossi (of Rum Nation) visited Peru and discovered the Hacienda Agrícola de Chiclayo where the rum is distilled.  Ron Millonario XO is distilled on a Blair, Campbell and McLean column stills.  There are two expressions in the Ron Millionario range the Solera 15 and this the XO. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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