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Duncan Taylor Single Cask Rum – Jamaica Long Pond Aged 15 Years (Cask 65)

Duncan Taylor Jamaica Long Pond 200 Single cask rum review by the fat rum pirateDuncan Taylor are a Whisky and Rum bottler from Aberdeen, Scotland.  They have been selling their rums in distinctive flask style bottles for a number of years now.

Like another Independent bottler, Mezan they keep a very similar presentation for each rum.  With them releasing so many rums, some differing only by a cask number it can make deciding on what to buy quite tricky! Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Blackadder Raw Cask – Finest Jamaica Hampden Rum Aged 15 Years

Blackadder let’Blackadder Hampden Estate 15 Rum Review by the fat rum pirare raw casks be honest about things.  It’s in your head and in its my head.  No doubt it gets into the head of everyone who ever buys a Blackadder Whisky or Rum and is familiar with BBC comedy.

I don’t even know whether there is any connection between the Rowan Atkinson series and this Independent bottler.  Appearance wise I am certainly getting a feel of “The Black Adder” which was the first (very different) series of the popular comedy.  My recollections come mainly from the 2nd and 3rd incarnations.  And yes that bloody ludicrous folky theme tune……… Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Appleton Estate Reserve Blend

Appleton Estate Reserve Blend Rum Review by the fat rum pirateWhen Appleton Estate re-branded their rums in 2015 much was made of the move.  The usual conspiracists hailed the blends must have all changed and been down graded.

To be honest this is a familiar and very boring critique which is immediately “asked” everytime a producer decides to re-brand.  I found it particularly sad that a brand such as Appleton Estate would also be treat with such suspicion. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Kill Devil Jamaica Worthy Park 10 Year Old

KILL DEVIL JAMAICA worthy park 10 year old rum review by the fat rum pirateKill Devil and Worthy Park have already been covered on the website. I was very keen to try out this 10 Year Old Jamaican Rum.

Kill Devil are part of Hunter Laing (an Independent Whisky bottler). This archaic slang term for Rum is used to brand their run of Single Cask rums.

It’s encouraging to see more and more Independent bottlers coming to the fore.  Kill Devil offer very limited “one off” cask bottlings.  These initial releases are not at Cask Strength, so far all releases have been capped at 46% ABV. This may upset some purists.  I understand their next release of rums will be at Cask Strength. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Appleton Jamaica Rum – White

Appleton White rum review by the fat rum pirateJ Wray and Nephew’s White Overproof Rum is highly acclaimed and widely available just about everywhere.

Further down the ABV scale J Wray and Nephew also bottle this entry level Jamaican Appleton Rum.  Like the Special Appleton Jamaica Rum this is not bottled as part of the Estate series and as a result does not benefit from the wonderful stubby bottle treatment. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Rum-Bar Gold Premium Jamaica Rum

Rum Bar Gold Rum Review by the fat rum pirateRum-Bar Gold is a barrel aged Jamaican Rum from the Worthy Park Estate.  The Estate has been involved in Sugar Production since 1720.

However, due to events described in this interview, I conducted with Alexander Kong they have been absent from the Rum Market until fairly recently.

Back in 2004/5 they set about building a new state of the art distillery in order to begin producing rum again.  In 2007 they introduced their White Overproof to the domestic market and have now added a Gold rum and a Rum Cream to their portfolio.  In order to help pay for the state of the art distillery Worthy Park have also sold “bulk” rum to other bottlers. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Appleton Special Jamaica Rum

Appleton Special Jamaica Rum review by the fat rum pirateFrom what I understand Appleton Special isn’t widely available in a lot of territories.  It is freely available in the UK though.

Rather than being special as such, it is Appleton’s entry level rum.  It comes in both a Gold and White expression.  It should be noted that whilst this is an Appleton rum it doesn’t have the Appleton Estate moniker.  Yes, its of course from the same distillery but it seems Appleton wish to make a distinction between this and the Estate’s entry level rum – V/X.  It is notably absent from the Appleton Estate website and rumours have it that it may be being discontinued.  If those rumours are true I may have to invest in a few more bottles soon! Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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