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Velier Caroni No Smoking Aged 16 Years (55% ABV)

Velier Caroni No Smoking 16 Years rum review by the fat rum pirateVelier Caroni No Smoking? After their Demerara rums (RIP) Velier Spa are best known in the rum world for their range of rum from the Caroni Distillery in Trinidad.  The Caroni Distillery closed for the final time circa 2002/3.

As in the whisky world with Port Ellen rums it seems that the pull of a “Lost Distillery” is difficult to resist.  Velier Caroni rum has become some of the most sought after and prized distillate in the Rum World.  Which is strange because if you speak with Richard Seale of Foursquare he will tell you their distinctive flavour is based on “bad distillation”. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Bristol Classic Rum – Caroni 1997

Bristol Classic Rum Trinidad 1997 rum review by the fat rum pirateThe latest release from Bristol is this (near) Cask Strength effort from the Caroni Distillery.  Bristol have released a good few Caroni rums over the past few years.  Including their 1974 effort, which I have sadly yet to review.

Amongst these I seem to remember a Cask Strength Caroni which was possibly released for the Danish or European market only? Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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