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Kill Devil Guyana Aged 12 Years

Kill Devil Guyana 12 Year Old Rum Review by the Fat Rum PirateKill Devil Guyana Aged 12 Years.  Kill Devil are a range of rums bottled by Whisky bottler Hunter-Laing.  I’ve covered them quite extensively on the site so far.

They are now bottling rums at Cask Strength.  The Kill Devil range now have rums with Red labels like these – to demonstrate Cask Strength.  Everything else presentation wise is exactly as before. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Silver Seal Demerara Enmore Distillery 2002 (55% ABV)

Silver Seal Demerara Enmore 2002 review by the fat rum pirateSilver Seal Whisky Company are independent bottlers of Whisky and to a lesser extent rums.  They hail from Scotland (at least this is where the rum is bottled) and their rums and whiskies are largely available online from Whisky Antique and Rhum Excellence.  Italian and French websites.  They aren’t readily available in the UK.  Which is just typical of the ever confusing rum world. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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