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Skotlander Handcrafted Rum V 2,200 SØMIL

Skotlander Rum V 2,200 SØMIL Rum review by the fat rum pirateSkotlander Handcrafted Rum V 2,200 SØMIL. No your eyes do deceive you! I’m not reviewing the same rum as before. This is the 2,200 SØMIL release not the 1,400 SØMIL rum I reviewed last year. A SØMIL is a Nautical mile and this rum has been aged at sea.

Skotlander have been making waves (see what I did there) in the Danish rum scene. The rum scene in Denmark is actually pretty good especially in the capital Copenhagen. Famous rum names from Denmark include Johnny Drejer of Drecon.dk (the originator of the Hydrometer Tests), Mads Heitmann of Romhatten.dk, Henrik Kristofferson over at Rum Corner and Rum Festival regular Ingvar Thomsen. Not to mention a number of very enthusiastic Rum drinkers whom whilst not rum bloggers or “figureheads” are contributors in the various online rum forums etc. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Skotlander White Rum

Skotander White Rum Review by the fat rum pirateSkotlander White Rum. Skotlander hail from Denmark. This white rum is along with their dark rum their “standard” rum offering.

The company was founded by the Dane Anders Skotlander. Skotlander rums are distilled, aged and bottled in Denmark (and occasionally aged at sea). Anders has spent the last 10 or so years working as a film producer. Denmark actually has quite a few recognised rum enthusiasts such as Ingvar Thomsen, Johnny Drejer (of Hydrometer test fame) and Mads Heitmann of Romhatten and the author of Rom Bogen (a book about rum in Danish). Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Skotlander Handcrafted Rum V 1,400 SØMIL

Skotlander Handcrafted Rum V 1,400 SØMILSkotlander Handcrafted Rum V 1,400 SØMIL is perhaps the most bizarrely named rum I have reviewed so far.  The strange name owes mostly to the way it has been aged.  When translated into English and the story is told it does make a lot more sense.  Even if the way the rum has been aged is a little baffling……. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

An Interview with Mads Heitmann – Romhatten.dk

MADS1The Danish Speaking world has one of the better Rum websites to boast about.  With reviews, articles and its own forum Romhatten is impressive and its design is sleek and modern.

A lot of websites could take a lot of pointers from the site.  Unfortunately for English speakers such as myself the site doesn’t automatically translate too well from Danish into English.  However, with a bit of persistence it is possible to pick up on the meaning of most of Mads’ pieces especially his reviews. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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