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Cachaca Barao Dourado Amburana

Cachaca Barao Dourado Amburana Cachaca Rum Review by the fat rum pirateCachaca Barao Dourado Amburana. I’ve previously reviewed Cachaca Barao Dourado Amendoim which was a silver or white cachaça. This cachaça has been aged in Amburana wood casks.

I like Cachaca Barao Dourado as they make reviewing their Cachaca’s quite simple and easy. They give you all the information you need on the bottle and the use of the wood types, it is aged in to identify each Cachaca, makes it super simple for me. One of the biggest problems I have had reviewing Cachaca (particularly those samples only available in Brasil) is finding information and information I can translate and understand. I do not speak Portuguese! Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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