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Duncan Taylor Single Cask Rum – Jamaica Long Pond Aged 15 Years (Cask 65)

Duncan Taylor Jamaica Long Pond 200 Single cask rum review by the fat rum pirateDuncan Taylor are a Whisky and Rum bottler from Aberdeen, Scotland.  They have been selling their rums in distinctive flask style bottles for a number of years now.

Like another Independent bottler, Mezan they keep a very similar presentation for each rum.  With them releasing so many rums, some differing only by a cask number it can make deciding on what to buy quite tricky!

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Bristol Classic Rum – Caroni 1997

Bristol Classic Rum Trinidad 1997 rum review by the fat rum pirateThe latest release from Bristol is this (near) Cask Strength effort from the Caroni Distillery.  Bristol have released a good few Caroni rums over the past few years.  Including their 1974 effort, which I have sadly yet to review.

Amongst these I seem to remember a Cask Strength Caroni which was possibly released for the Danish or European market only?

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El Dorado Rare Collection Enmore 1993

EL DORADO ENMORE RARE COLLECTION rum review by the fat rum pirateThe El Dorado Rare Collection will likely need little introduction.  This is a rum from the Enmore EHP (Edward Henry Porter – original owner of what was the Enmore Estate) Wooden Coffey Still.

Which is one the most heralded stills in DDL’s portfolio.  It is capable of producing a number of different marques of rum from light to heavy and is featured regularly in both El Dorado’s and other independently produced blends.

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Velier Foursquare 2006

Velier Foursquare 2006 Rum Review by the fat rum pirateThe first collaboration between Velier and Foursquare Distillery, Barbados.  This will certainly not be the last.  With Velier no longer issuing their acclaimed aged Demerara rums from DDL, Luca Gargano has began sourcing rum from other distilleries to release under the Velier banner.

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Expressions – Old Man Rum Co.

Expressions Old Man Rum Co Review by the fat rum pirateExpressions is the first in a series of Aged Pot Still Rums, to be released by the newly formed Old Man Rum Co.

Hailing from Northumberland, in the North East of England the Old Man Rum Co. is headed by Ian Linsley.  A specialist Rum Blender who has a lifetime of experience in the drinks industry.

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Foursquare Rum Distillery 2004

Foursquare Rum Distilery 2004 rum review by the fat rum pirateFoursquare Rum Distillery should need little or no introduction.  Over the past few years alone, the distillery has released a number of new innovative rums.

These new rums compliment and expand upon the existing classics in the Foursquare repertoire.

Thanks to importer Marussia Beverages, the UK has been treated to a number of new releases in the past couple of months.  Some have been unexpected such as the Doorly’s 8 Year Old (review coming soon).  Others such as this rum, very much anticipated and eagerly received!

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Velier Diamond and Port Mourant 1999

Velier Diamond and Port Morant 1999 rum review by the fat rum pirateVelier Diamond and Port Mourant a rare “blend” of Demerara rum from the Italian super bottlers.

From the Coffey stills at DDL and the Port Mourant Double Wooden Pot Still. These rums were distilled in 1999 and blended in the barrel, before being bottled in July 2014. A total of 1,148 bottles of this rum were available.  It is safe to say its pretty scarce now.

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