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R. St Barth – New UK Distributor

R St Barth rhum dave marsland agricoleDave Marsland aka Drinks Enthusiast is Brand Ambassador for Chairman’s Reserve rum, here in the UK. So (like me) he knows a decent r(h)um when he sees one. Here is a little news on another rum brand he is working his magic on.

R. St Barth Announces Bohemian Brands Distribution

R. St Barth has changed distribution after 4 years in the UK market. Emerging distribution company Bohemian Brands of London, is a new fit for R. St Barth due to its focus on small batch, leading brands.

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Premium Rum The Impossible Task? – Part One

Premium Rum the impossible task rum review by the fat rum pirateThe Oxford English Dictionary notes a number of uses and meanings for the word Premium.  In the context of this article the meaning is as follows

“Relating to or denoting a commodity of superior quality and therefore a higher price”

Which is pretty simple and easy to understand.  So lets take a look at a few Premium rums.  In this scenario the word is defined by the fact the rum itself promotes itself as Premium, on its bottle.

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An Interview with Carl Stephenson – Elements Eight

Elements Eight Carl Stephension Interview Daiquiri rum by the fat rum pirateFor those of you who aren’t familiar with Elements Eight they are an Independent  British Spirits Company.  Elements Eight refers to the eight elements which make up their final product.  Elements Eight rums are also a blend of eight separate rums.

The company has been operating since 2006.  As well as celebrating their tenth year in business in 2016, Elements Eight have also re-designed and re-vamped their packaging and line up.

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Beach Craft Spirits

Beach Craft Spirits Rum by the fat rum pirateBeach Craft Spirits – Crowdfunding in the Rum World.

A husband and wife team are opening a coastal based rum distillery.  It will be the first in Scotland to offer crowdfunding.

David and Lara Beach aim to raise £65,000 by the end October. To begin their dream of owning and operating what will be only the second craft rum distillery in the country.

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When is Rum not a Rum?

10 Essential Bottles of RumRecently there was a debate at Tales of the Cocktail.  The debate centered around “When is rum not a rum?”.

Basically it was a discussion between those who add sugar (and/or other additives) and those who are very much against the practice.  This got me thinking about a subject which is very close to my heart.

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The World of Independent Bottlings

imageThe rum world is a confusing one.  When you first get into rum or begin a “Rum Journey” as many say, the rum world is very confusing.

After trying a few different styles/brands you’ll start digging around stores and the  Internet for new experiences. You will begin noticing strange bottlings by companies that seem to go beyond the usual brand structures.

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Rare Rums up for Sale on Whisky Auction

whiskyauction logoOver the past few years, the demand for rum, whiskies and other fine spirits has increased considerably, with many people now choosing to buy and sell their bottles at auction as an alternative to using specialist retailers. is a new site that aims to simplify the auction process for many. The latest auction from Whisky Auction has many rare and old bottles of rum up for sale.

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