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The Rum Festival – Newcastle Saturday 5th May 2018

The Rum Festival Newcastle Review 2018 by the fat rum pirateThe Rum Festival are actually a number of Rum Festivals that tour around the country. This is their second year and they have expanded to cover even more towns and cities all around the UK.

Which is one of the things I really like about The Rum Festival events – they are pretty much on your doorstep. This particular event was even more convenient (for me) as there was a Daytime and Night-time session. So I opted for the daytime event which kicked off at 12 and finished at 5pm. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Bristol Rum Festival 7th July 2018

UK Rum Festivals Bristol Rum Festival Press ReleaseOn the 7th of July, running for the 6th year in a row, the famous UK Rum Festivals is bringing Caribbean flair to Bristol, not only for pirates but for everyone interested.

Although “Rum and Coke” seems to be the usual go-to, rum should not just be limited to this simple mix. Jon Rees, founder of the UK Rum Festivals says: “We want to show the world what it’s overlooking and show the diversity of cane spirits. From spiced and sweetened offerings to truly magnificent blended and matured liquids”. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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An Interview with Dave Marsland – Manchester Rum Festival

An Interview with Dave Marsland Manchester Rum Festival by the fat rum pirateDave Marsland may be better known to many of you as Drinks Enthusiast. To say Dave is involved in the Drinks Industry is a bit of an understatement – as you will see from this interview. He has many differing interests from Pop Up Bars, working as a Brand Ambassador for Chairman’s Reserve/St Lucia Distillers and running his own Spirits & Sundries Emporium – Riddles in Altrincham. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

An Interview with Leszek Wedzicha – UK Cachaca Festivals 2018

UK Cachaca Festival London and ManchesterCachaca is a Cane Juice spirit native to Brasil. It is often “lumped” in with rum. Some independent bottlers even label it as rum.

However as this fascinating interview with Leszek Wedzicha one third of the Cachaca Festivals UK team shows Cachaca is very much its own unique spirit.  Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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Rum of the Year 2017

Rum of the Year 2017 by the fat rum pirateRum of the Year 2017. It’s that time again when I look over the rums I have tried in the past 12 months and decide which one fits the bill as Rum of the Year.

Now I’ll let you all know the criteria for this years selection has changed – slightly. This is basically because the Rum World is evolving and changing. Producers are taking more risks and producing more varied and interesting rums. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Manchester Rum Festival 1st June 2018

Manchester Rum Festival 2018 the fat rum piratMANCHESTER RUM FESTIVAL RETURNS FOR ITS SECOND YEAR

Manchester Rum Festival to host round two at Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Rum Festival, the cities only official festival of its kind for the rum category, is returning Friday 1st June 2018, heading to the iconic Manchester Cathedral.

With the 2017 launch of Manchester’s first dedicated rum festival turning out to be a sell-out success, organizer and owner Dave Marsland of Drinks Enthusiast has turned to the historic venue to house over 75 brands of rum from all over the world, a dedicated cocktail bar for classic signature serves, and the chance to purchase via local independent retailer Riddles Emporium’s on-site shop. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Worst Ten Rums…….So Far

Worst Rum So Far Article by the fat rum pirateWorst Ten Rums is probably an article a lot of you have been expecting for a while. In fairness it has been in the pipeline a long time.  With around 300 reviews in the bag, I thought it might be useful to look back and see which rums I truly hated.

You see a lot of the rum I have reviewed I have found to be pretty mediocre.  Maybe I could compile a list of the Ten most boring rums as well?  When all is said and done, not that many rums have truly offended me or surprised me.  Often I’ve bought cheaply and pretty much got what I paid for. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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