An Interview with Richard Seale

An Interview with Richard Seale by the fat rum pirateRichard Seale is in the UK next week on a bit of a mini-tour.  Sadly the nearest he is coming to thefatrumpirate’s neck of the woods is Edinburgh.  Which due to work commitments means missing out on meeting the man himself.  More details of Richard’s tour can be found here and also here.

With his visit to the UK in mind I decided to contact Richard and see if he would be interested in answering a few questions for  I was quite surprised when he said yes and I was even more surprised when he replied in a matter of days to my questions.

Now firstly, I have not went back to Richard with regard the answers he has given or asked him to clarify any points etc.  I was very grateful for his time and in time I will ask him for a few more details with regards the questions and a couple more issues which I would like to hear Richard’s opinions on.

The interview is fairly light hearted and I have deliberately avoided the “added sugar” debate in the main because Richard has made his views on this quite clear on numerous occasions already.  Despite the nature of the interview Richard still gave us some very interesting answers and a very welcome revelation………

I hope you enjoy reading.


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